ADM Monisha Banerjee Bid Adieu To Most Successful & Citizen Friendly RMC Commissioner Of Rourkela!

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Contrary to the public opinion about the Civil Servants that all are curt and discourteous there are some officials working in the administration who prove to be extraordinary and who made a difference by standing up for the rightful. Rourkela Municipal Commissioner Akshaya Mallick is one of those!

There were many officers who lead Rourkela Municipal Corporation before & did a remarkable job and then a citizen friendlier officer took over and took an enthusiasm to change the city forever. Akshaya Mallick is one of those officers who defeat all challenges to serve the city coordinating with the administration today & has emerged to inspire others.

“Unarguably what he has accomplished as RMC Commissioner amid his residency in steel city Rourkela is unquestionably going to be associated with a more extended timeframe & will always be remembered.”

Going beyond his position and limit to help the citizens & taking many initiatives in hand, he has figured out how to built association with practically every organisation. An adoring, affectionate & down to earth personality with an incredible milestone!

File Photo- AKshaya Mallick During Stage 360 Program At Rourkela

He has gone through every possible way with ADM Monisha Banerjee to finally make steel city Rourkela into Smart City in 2016 & likewise to convey the Clean City tag to Rourkela almost after 7 years. Mr. Mallick has caught attention on November 2016 when he managed to collect the record revenue of 1 Crore 20 lakh rupees in just 20 days for the first time after demonetization.

After a successful one and half year service of Akshaya Mallick as commssioner of RMC, finally his journey comes to an end. Rourkela ADM Monisha Banerjee & RMC staffs bid adieu to him yesterday at RMC conference hall wishing for his upcoming role as sub-collector.

File Photo- Staffs & Citizens Congratulating Commissioner Akshaya Mallick After Smart City Declaration

The impression what he has managed to built is hard to get & substitution for such officer can’t anticipated!

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