1st EXCLUSIVE Interview With Mrs. USA INDIA 2016 Sarita Patnaik; Everything You Need To Know!

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A new Mrs. India USA has been crowned, but the 2016 pageant Sarita Patnaik signaled her beginning of a new era in other ways – here’s how she delivered her message in an exclusive interview with Shines Media Group. After returning from USA, in her first visit to Odisha, she decided to spend some time in her school and college and then we met her for the interview.

She was born in Rajgangpur, nearly 40km distance from Rourkela. An Interior Designer by profession and mother of two children but still she’s the most confident woman in the world now who’s heading for Mrs. World Contest to be held in Malaysia. During the interview we have found that Sarita Patnaik got rejected for the contest of Mrs. USA India in the year 2015 but success only comes to them who never stop trying. Dedicated to doing well in the pageant next year, she decided to take a year off, but hopes to play again for her final season in 2016 and she nailed it completely.

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In the 35th year of beauty pageant contest for Indian Americans, She had been crowned at the Royal Albert place in New Jersey. In case you think the journey to the crown was a luxurious one, let us remind you she won the crown leaving 52 contestants behind. For a teenager aiming to become a beauty pageant may be a bit easier but it’s always tough for a married woman carrying the responsibility of her family and children. But Sarita Patnaik proved that nothing is tough if you want to achieve your dreams. A year long preparations!

We asked if she’s getting any support from her family or it’s her own dream, she said ‘My success is dedicated to my husband who has always supported me in every step of struggle and also to my entire family. I couldn’t have done it alone.’ We also asked what was her reaction and feeling when she was rejected in 2015 and what she said is truly inspiring for the younger generation.

‘Rejection is a part of life and it helps us improving our self. You’ve to stubborn to make your dream come true and have to face many difficulties but if you truly want something then you’ll never care about any obstacles.’

In a 30-minute of discussion with Shines Media Group about her journey and her future plans we didn’t forget to ask her about the opportunities for the models across the steel city Rourkela. Our representative asked ‘Considering only Odisha, maximum number of beauty pageant won in any national and international contests are from western Odisha; whether it’s Shristi Vyakaranam-Miss Asia Pacific International or Sushri Shreya Mishra, then why not any of the big brands or sponsors are heading to Rourkela or any Western parts? Don’t you think these cities deserve to have more opportunities even after delivering their best in this field?’

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                           WHY NOT ROURKELA/WESTERN ODISHA?

And she paused for a while and responded, ‘I’m also from this city and i want the same but as we all know that BBSR is the capital and there’s more opportunity for the sponsors and brands to get exposure, that may be the reason. But as far as Western Odisha or Rourkela is concerned my message is loud and clear that our Girls are way more smarter and talented than any of the metro-city girls. They’re confident and they know the roots to success. And this is the reason we’ve produced more beauty pageant than any region & this will not go unnoticed for longtime.”

She’s probably the most down to earth person we’ve ever met. She’s simple and straight-forward who believes on practical things and actions. Our best wishes for Sarita Patnaik who’s becoming a voice for woman empowerment and proud for the state.

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